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Take a trip somewhere special: a festival a gig or a day on the porch with some records.

A bold and fun men’s tee which is also great for unisex wear, especially with the fun oversize nineties tee look that is back on the trend cards

Here in stone wash cotton knit which has a marbly effect
Exciting discharge dyed prints (not transfer printed) makes a lovely quality detailed print that never crumbles off with wear
In fact these items look great with repeated washing lending to the vintage feel once they distress
Raw edge doubled neckline binding
Twin-stitched hems throughout

Mens/Unisex Shukkas Surf Stonewash Cotton Tee

Size l
  • L fits 32″ pants size pant guys /gals up to 14
    XL fits 34-36″ pant size guys/ gals up to 16

    Brand: No Time/Ruby Street
    Fabric: 100% Cotton Knit

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